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#439024 - 02/01/12 08:59 AM LF: Trakehner stallion or?
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Looking for recommendations for stallions for a Trakehner mare with jumper bloodlines. Well bred mare but lacks performance record due to injury at young age. So looking for a stallion with a very good performance record.

Any suggestions for Trakehner (or other breed that may cross well with Trakehner) Stallions with level temperaments, and show records in hunter/jumper/dressage or eventing?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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#439038 - 02/01/12 09:58 AM Re: LF: Trakehner stallion or? [Re: HorsesFirst]
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Asher is really nice, and his offspring seem to be doing well.
#439047 - 02/01/12 11:03 AM Re: LF: Trakehner stallion or? [Re: MEDD]
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Try this website:
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#439122 - 02/01/12 03:56 PM Re: LF: Trakehner stallion or? [Re: HorsesFirst]
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Asher is lovely for sure! Well proven in the hunter ring as a performance horse and a stallion.

Also, if interested in eventing/jumper lines, consider Foxwind SL at Spruce Lane Stable. I have a wonderful Trakehner boy who was bred by Spruce Lane Stables. My boy is by Palmenwind - same sire as Foxwind.

I have heard great things about Foxwind's temperment, and my boy is an absolute sweetheart too!! I have only had one Trakehner, and have nothing but good things to say about his brain - among other things!. I keep hearing how 'difficult' Trakehners are....maybe, but NOT my boy! EASY EASY EASY!! LOVE HIM!!
#439142 - 02/01/12 05:45 PM Re: LF: Trakehner stallion or? [Re: HorsesFirst]
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A third for Asher....most definetly my first choice for a full Trak stallion with jumping ability. I own a lovely mare by him (out of a full TB) who is the easiest horse I have ever bred. The quietest dispostion you could ever ask for. And she has done very well on the A hunter circuit as well as in the breeding line classes. In fact I am presently in negotiations for a second Asher filly to purchase this spring smile
#439200 - 02/01/12 10:02 PM Re: LF: Trakehner stallion or? [Re: HorsesFirst]
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I have two 17 hand grey hunter geldings by Foxwind SL, a 5 and 6 yr old who are gorgeous movers and so quiet!! Would definetly recommend him, absolutely love my boys!!
#439232 - 02/02/12 08:11 AM Re: LF: Trakehner stallion or? [Re: HorsesFirst]
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A lot of the dutch lines cross very well with Trakehners. I've made several really nice hunters that way and one of my really good producing broodmares is a blend of Dutch and Trak bloodlines. It totally depend on the physical type of your mare, and how she jumps which stallion would be appropriate, so I can't really suggest any specific stallions.
#439508 - 02/03/12 11:04 AM Re: LF: Trakehner stallion or? [Re: HorsesFirst]
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Hi; I was talking to a lady last night who is very knowledgeable about Trakaeners and she mentioned "Bond, James Bond" as a lovely stallion
Farm is Haras De Sandard in Quebec.

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#439511 - 02/03/12 11:10 AM Re: LF: Trakehner stallion or? [Re: HorsesFirst]
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Please visit for info on two trakehner stallions standing in Ontario.

Tagaelen is a Governor General's Cup winner in 2003 and is currently in Florida competing in eventing but will be back in Ontario in May. He was also Eastern Ontario free jumping champion in Ottawa in 2006. If you're looking for temperament it's hard to beat this one, he acts like a gelding in the toughest of situations! Will stand at ringside all day long on a loose rein waiting for his turn in the ring.

Tarquinn is by the famous trakehner jumper stallion Abdullah(Olympic Gold and Silver medalist) and is currently the only Abdullah son standing in Canada.

There are photos of some of both of their offspring on the website also. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have at

Thank you for your consideration!
#439522 - 02/03/12 11:28 AM Re: LF: Trakehner stallion or? [Re: HorsesFirst]
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I'll fourth Asher, I have a gelding by him and he is all round just a lovely horse. Great temperament (he acts like a dog), super quiet, great mover, the list goes on. If I ever got another horse I'd want another of him wink
#439595 - 02/03/12 03:08 PM Re: LF: Trakehner stallion or? [Re: HorsesFirst]
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Is your mare ATA or Canadian Trakehner approved? That might make a difference to which stallion you choose if you are concerned about registration.

What are her bloodlines?

What is your mare's temperament like? What is your breeding goal ie. upper level horse or ammy friendly? My best friend/neighbour has an Asher baby who is really lovely but HOT. I know Asher himself is quiet and this may be more to do with the mare, but if your mare is not approved with either Trakehner registry and you are looking to produce an easy temperament, I would consider looking into a breed other than Trakehner as they are known (and indeed bred) to be "hotter" than most other warmblood breeds because of the prevalence of Arab and TB blood.

With a few exceptions, Trakehners are not known for jumping; the breed has been established for dressage and eventing in general. If you are interested in producing a hunter, Asher might be a good choice; however, if you are interested in producing a jumper, I would look at a stallion from one of the breeds known to produce jumpers, like Holsteiner, KWPN or select Hanoverians in their jumper breeding program.

If you don't mind going the frozen route, consider Grafenstolz. He's about as proven as it gets performance-wise, and is a very popular event/dressage sire in the UK. Competed Prix St. George dressage, 3* eventing and puissance jumping to almost 7 feet!

He is available from Judy Yancey in FL at

Hirtentanz is a fantastic up and coming Trakehner jumper stallion, approved Holsteiner which is very rare for a Trakehner. Also only available frozen.

Consider Horalas as well; he was a Grand Prix jumper with Hap Hansen.

Special Memories, a son of Abdullah, has a pretty impressive record at Grand Prix, having competed in several World Cup qualifiers. He also evented Prelim. Not too shabby.

Tzigane also has an impressive jumping record; impressive enough that he has been imported back to Germany.

Titulus is moving his way up the ranks of the jumper world; I believe he is competing at Level 7. He is actually Canadian-owned but is currently standing in the U.S.

If you're thinking more of an amateur jumper and wouldn't mind incorporating eventing lines, Darren Chiachia has two really nice up and coming imported event stallions worth considering:

There are some other great Trakehner event stallions available: check out the Valhalla stallions:

Again, though, if it is a jumper you are looking to produce, consider having your mare approved with another registry (eg. Canadian Warmblood, RPSI) and pick a more jumper-oriented breed. Check out for the AHHA stallion roster. The Holsteiner stallion service auction is still going on until Feb. 14, so there are some deals to be had on great Holsteiner jumper stallions!

Good luck!
#439636 - 02/03/12 07:18 PM Re: LF: Trakehner stallion or? [Re: HorsesFirst]
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The ATA stallion service auction, of which Tagaelen is a participant, has just started, there are many wonderful stallions to choose from and great deals to be had. Visit to view the entire list of participating stallions.

#439643 - 02/03/12 07:55 PM Re: LF: Trakehner stallion or? [Re: trt]
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WOW!!! What a great mountain of information! Thanks everyone!

The mare is ATA, so if I go Trakehner I'd like to stay ATA; however don't want border hassles, so I'd be looking for an ATA stallion IN Canada smile

I am very open to other breed registries/stallions. Trakehners have an undeserved poor reputation as far as temperament goes, so to combine this mare's conformation and talent with a different breed of warmblood to make a more marketable foal is something I will definitely look into.

From past experience I've learned that not a lot of hunters are out buying foals, so I think I'll be aiming for a more dressage, event or jumper type foal, or at least using a stallion recognized by those disciplines (a well-conformed/moving foal can do just about anything!).

Will do some searching! Thanks again!
#439656 - 02/03/12 08:39 PM Re: LF: Trakehner stallion or? [Re: HorsesFirst]
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Try Looking at Galten Farms They have four Stallions standing this spring
#439711 - 02/04/12 09:17 AM Re: LF: Trakehner stallion or? [Re: casper2]
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I have an ATA registered mare by Heling, standing at Galten. He might be worth a look if you're interested in producing a big moving dressage horse. His babies are often of a mold that is not your typical Trakehner (my mare included): longer backed, big movers with a ton of suspension and power. My mare could more easily pass for a Holsteiner than a Trakehner!

Hilton, who is Heling's half brother, is a really nice stallion, and has some impressive offspring eventing in Ontario up to Intermediate level. I've seen him in person, schooling PSG with Charlotte's husband. Really nice stallion.

Donaudeen is a hunter type. If you're interested in a hunter baby, he has a rocking horse canter and a daisy cutter trot. Very attractive stallion, but much more of a hunter than the others.

I assume the 4th stallion is their exceptional young stallion, Humble GS by Ferrari GS, but he has not yet been ATA approved. I know they were offering him to the public a couple of years ago by word of mouth, for an introductory rate, and he is DEFINITELY worth a look; absolutely stunning, and very well mannered. His not being approved is a deterrent, though.
#439804 - 02/04/12 07:03 PM Re: LF: Trakehner stallion or? [Re: HorsesFirst]
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Another Asher fan here. I just sold a truly lovely rising 2 year old Asher filly.

I have also seen Tagaelen in person and he is really, really nice! The dam of my Asher filly was bred to Tagaelen prior to my owning her. That filly is lovely as well.
#439842 - 02/05/12 05:41 AM Re: LF: Trakehner stallion or? [Re: HorsesFirst]
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#440020 - 02/06/12 09:46 AM Re: LF: Trakehner stallion or? [Re: HorsesFirst]
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Thanks CoveLane and Tango22. I am so please that you both are so happy with your Foxwind kids. It is wonderful to see them performing and succeeding and being loved.

If I had a mare that I was looking to breed to an ATA stallion, my first choice would be Guy Laroche, then perhaps Fleetwater Opposition or Windfall.

If the goal was to avoid crossing the boarder with semen, I'd consider Titulus, Hilton GS or Tagaelen.

You could also use a TB to cross with your Trakehner mare.

Best of luck and happy Trak stallion hunting!
Spruce Lane Stable
Hannon, Ont.
#440349 - 02/08/12 12:02 AM Re: LF: Trakehner stallion or? [Re: SpruceLane]
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"If the goal was to avoid crossing the boarder with semen, I'd consider Titulus, Hilton GS or Tagaelen."

Thank you so much for the recommendation Sprucelane, I had the privilege of watching your guy Foxwind at an event a couple of years ago and was very impressed at his wonderful temperament, he truly was a joy to watch!

I too am quite taken with Titulus, though he is competing and standing in the US right now if the border is an issue for the OP.

I haven't imported semen from the US in many years so I really can't comment as to the chance of delay at the border, I only know that I have't had any trouble so far in sending semen TO the US from here in Canada.

Best of luck in your search HorsesFirst, only you will know when you have found the right guy for your girl!


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